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"Andromeda eliminates all perceptions"





The monopoly which solicitors and barristers have enjoyed is finally being challenged as a result of fundamental changes as to the way legal services are provided.


New companies are emerging with different structures better equipped to provide legal services more efficiently, less expensive and without any potential risk.


It is difficult to see how the existing industry format can compete and respond with the burden of heavy fixed costs and the fact that the industry as a whole suffers from over capacity.

The Market

The size in value of the legal market is around 25 billion per annum and therefore is a very significant part of the UK economy.


"The Market is experiencing transformation and fundamental change, nevertheless continues to be magnet for increasing investment"


The business model to deliver Legal Services in the UK has to make changes as new entrants from outside the legal sector are building alliances to allow them to invest and participate.


"Andromeda's aim is to act as a facilitator to provide fixed priced legal services across the whole spectrum."


"I am dissatisfied with the bill I have received from my solicitor, what can I do?"


The simple answer, is quite a lot, however it will depend on the particular circumstances of the case.  The right of detailed assessment is available to most parties.


Andromeda will asses the circumstances, advise on options, and will make an application for detailed assessment if considered appropriate.


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