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"Andromeda eliminates all perceptions"

Professional Bodies 



Professional Bodies 

There are numerous professional bodies which include Accountants, Solicitors, Values and others who represent specific individual sectors.


Andromeda's current workload is primarily confined to the private sector of the insolvency service.

"Andromeda will if requested to do so pursue any Insolvency Practitioner who may be guilty of inappropriate conduct and in particular abuse of the Enterprise Act."


Professional Liability Insurance covers professionals claims against them for economic losses flowing from advice or services that they provide to their clients.


It provides financial protection to meet the costs of defending legal actions and any damages that may become payable.


Any claim would have to be assessed based on the facts of the case and evidence gathered, and assessed before any decision as to its credibility as to the likely hood of success.


Andromeda will facilitate potential claims and will make the appropriate test for negligence.


* Legal duty to exercise care and skill

* Breach of the duty

* The claimant has suffered loss or damage as result of the breach

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